AirzoneAsk about the AIRZONE system, with which you can obtain a different temperature in each area of your house.

AIRZONE is an intelligent air conditioning system that consists of motorised grates that are installed in the rooms that you are going to cool, in this way distributing differently the air that comes out of your air conditioner conduits, providing energy savings and ensuring the comfort of all the persons that live in the same house, permitting them to choose the temperature of each room.

AirzoneThis system, very easy to use, divides your house into zones and keeps each of them at the temperature that you desire. In this way all the members of your family can be comfortable, without feeling either hot or cold. You can have a higher temperature in the children’s room, so they do not catch cold, you can lower it in the living room during a dinner with friends, or even disconnect the air conditioning in the bedroom during the day, since it is not used. All of this with a single production mechanism.

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