Synonymous of silence
Today, silence is something that is as sought-after as it is scarce. With our ever-increasingly accelerated lifestyle, we cannot always enjoy as many moments of tranquillity as we would like. For this reason, we not only guarantee you the desired climate in the best conditions, but also a space of absolute calm. No matter where you are, welcome to Silence.

- We install your air-conditioning
- Always at the best prices
- Extremely silent equipment
- Energy-saving
- 2 years guarantee

Characteristics of our air-conditioning

Energy Class A: Inverter technology
Energy-saving with maximum efficiency.

Energy saving
Thanks to the integrated thermostat control, by adjusting the temperature you can save a considerable amount of energy, and reduce your electricity bill.

Negative ion generator
This filter efficiently neutralises any unpleasant odours in the home, freshens up the air and reduces contamination.

Antibacterial filter
Using static electricity, this filter eliminates dust, small particles and microorganisms, providing the ideal environment for people with allergies or respiratory problems.

Reduction in atmospheric humidity without temperature variations.

Cold / heat automatic change and “sleep” function
Depending on both the environmental and selected temperatures and your body needs at any given time, the unit automatically modifies the cold / heat function modes, and if necessary, will even switch itself off.

Programmed automatic connection and disconnection
The digital programmer makes it possible to programme the air-conditioning unit to switch on and off at certain times of the day or days of the week.

Automatic airflow control
Orientation, aperture and closure of the air outlet slats and airflow are controlled automatically by a microprocessor, in order to ensure even air distribution.

Air impulsion duct
You can connect a duct to the unit in order to air-condition an adjoining room or re-distribute the impulsion airflow.

Automatic restart
In the event of a power cut, the unit will automatically switch on again once power is restored.

Function Test
This characteristic runs a check on the unit and gives an error message if the unit needs servicing.

Control Zone
This allows you to control up to 16 different units with one sole remote.


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